Jay Weigel


Selected Film and Recording Credits


Jay Weigel is a distinguished composer, producer, conductor, arranger, orchestrator, and contractor for film, television, recordings, and concerts.  Based in New Orleans, he has worked in the film and television industry for over 30 years.  His recent scores and soundtrack recordings can be heard in the Warner Brothers films including, The Campaign, Green Lantern, Grudge Match ,Get Hard, and Midnight Special; over seven of Tyler Perry’s films including For Colored Girls, Meet the Browns, Madea Witness Protection, and Madea Goes to Jail; HBO’s Little Britain; I Love You Phillip Morris, Bullet to the Head; and numerous documentaries and independent films.   He has worked as an orchestrator, conductor, contractor and/or score preparer for composers such as George S. Clinton, Christopher Young, David Wingo, Jon Swihart, Christopher Lennertz and Terence Blanchard.  As an arranger and orchestrator, he has worked with REM, Chris Thomas King, Judith Owen, and several projects with Hal Willner.  Weigel just finished producing a CD of music by Paul Sanchez. His concert work has been commissioned by numerous symphonies around the world, including the National Symphony Orchestra, the Kennedy Center, Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, St. Louis Cathedral, University of Southern Mississippi Symphony, New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, and the Acadiana Symphony. 


Select Credits: Scores

The Last Laugh - Director: Greg Pritikin; Producer: Rob Paris

Cut Off - Director: Jowan Carbin; Producer: Carol Bidault de L'Isle

The True Don Quixote - Director: Chris Poche; Producer: Trey Burvant

All Styles - Director: Angela Tucker; Producer: Amy Mitchell-Smith

Too Close To Home, season 2 - Director: Tyler Perry; Producer: Ozzie Areu

Power Rangers - online video game (Opening Sequence composer) - Nway

The Guys' Choice Awards - Main Title - Spike TV

Boo! A Madea Halloween (End Titles)

Hate Crime - Director: Steven Esteb; Producer: Alicia Allain

Heart, Baby! – Director: Angela Shelton; Producer: Kim Barnard, Shawn Caulin Young

Camp Cool Kids – Director: Lisa Arnold; Producer: Jarred Coates

Caged No More – Director: Lisa Arnold; Producer: Jarred Coates  

Painted Lady (short) – Director: Zac Manual; Producer: Milo Daemgen       

Plastic Wrap (short)Director: Chris DeMacy; Producer: Chris Demacy 

Hits (Additional Music)Director: David Cross; Producer: Giles Andrew

Madea Christmas (end titles)Director: Tyler Perry; Producer: Rueben Cannon          

Single Mom’s Club (end titles)Director: Tyler Perry; Producer: Rueben Cannon  

Rational Middle Energy Series IIDirector: Gregory Kallenberg; Producer: Mark Bullard

Desire Without End (short)Director: Kenny Morrison; Producer: Twisted Fiction

Madea Witness Protection (End Titles)  Director: Tyler Perry; Producer: Rueben Cannon

Rational Middle Energy Series IDirector: Gregory Kallenberg; Producer: Mark Bullard                      

Full Throttle - Director: Joseph Sassone; Producer: Roger Corman/Oley Sassone      

Meet The Browns (End Titles)Director: Tyler Perry; Producer: Rueben Cannon

John Kennedy Toole: The Omega Point - Director: Joe Sanford; Producer: Bobbie Westerfield

Haynesville Director: Gregory Kallenberg; Producer: Mark Bullard

Night Shift (short) - Director: Swider Brothers                                                                           

Amazing Adventures Of Andrew Mann (short) – Director: Al Kraskosky

Dream (short) - Director: Khoroldorj Choijoovanchig 

Hermes Gamble - (short) - Director: Hunter McGregor                   

Pajamas – Director: Chris Manson; Producer: SimpleTin Pictures

NOLA - Director: Harold Sylvester; Producer: Rusty Palmer 

Vows of Silence - Director: Jason Berry

No Family History - Director: Sabrina McCormick; Producer: Angela Tucker

Katrina’s Children - Director: Laura Belsey; Producer: Babs Johnson

Animal (addl. Music) - Director: David J. Burke; Producer: Kip Konwiser

St. Tammany Miracle - Director: Joy Hauck; Producer: Jim McCullough                         

The Story Of Paper - Director: Pia Ehrhardt; Producer: International Paper

Olympic Trials - Director: Joe Sanford; Producer: Gary Esolen 

Backlash - Director: Bess Carrick; Producer: Joe Sanford


Soundtracks – Music Producer/Arranger – Music Consultant

The Highwaymen (arranger: After You’re Gone, St. Louis Blues)

Acrimony (arranger/performer: I Wish I Knew How It Feels To Be Free)

Boo 2! A Madea Halloween (writer/performer: This is the End)

Preacher (Music Consultant, On-camera music composer/producer)

Boo! A Madea Halloween (writer/performer: Evil Goes the Weasel)

Girl Trip! (Music Producer)

Paralyzed (arranger: A Conversation with the Dark)

Heart Baby! (Music Producer, arranger)

Camera Store (Additional Music; producer/arranger: Silent Night; After You’re Gone)

The Girl In the Photographs  (writer/performer: Diner Magic)

Roots (arranger/composer/producer Various period pieces)

Get Hard (producer: "Capoeira", "Evening Time", "Prison Blues") / (writer: "Capoeira", "Evening Time", "Prison Blues")

The Best of Me (arranger: "Down by the Riverside", "Jesus on the Mainline")

Dermaphoria (arranger: "Saints") / (producer: "Saints")

The Wedding Pact (arranger: "Jesus On The Mainline") / (producer: "Jesus On The Mainline")

Grudge Match (performer: "Pay Per View", "Softly True") / (writer: "Pay Per View", "Walk At Night", "Softly True")

Tyler Perry’s A Madea’s Christmas (arranger: "Silent Night", "Good King Wencales")

Make Your Move (arranger: "Street") / (producer: "Street") / (writer: "From The 10 to the 7")

Bullet to the Head (arranger: "J'Etais Au Bal") / (producer: "Bourbon Street Parade", "Main Street Special", "J'Etais Au Bal") / (writer: "Family")

The Campaign (arranger: "Takin' Care of Business", "Do Lord") / (producer: "Takin' Care of Business", "Bye and Bye", "Do Lord") / (writer: "Do Lord")

Madea’s Witness Protection (performer: "Baroque Adagio") / (writer: "Feel the Brass", "Baroque Adagio")

The Lucky One (arranger: "Down by the Riverside", "Jesus On The Mainline" (uncredited)) / (producer: "Down by the Riverside", "Jesus On The Mainline" (uncredited))

Good Deeds (performer: "Baroque Adagio") / (writer: "Baroque Adagio")

Ricochet (TV Movie) (producer: "Goldberg Var. #21", "Goldberg Var. #25", "Italian Concerto, Andante" - uncredited)

Rest for the Wicked (arranger: "Wade in The Water") / (producer: "Wade in The Water")

Memphis Beat (TV Series) (music producer - 2 episodes)

    - The Feud (2011) ... (producer: "Midnight Train to Georgia" - Karaoke)

    - Run On (2010) ... (producer: "We Fall Down", "Run On" - uncredited)

Green Latern (producer: "Lawdy Miss Clawdy", "Barefootin'") / (writer: "She Knows It" - uncredited)

For Colored Girls (writer: "Sechita (A Senhora Em Amarelo)")

Why Did I Get Married Too? (arranger: "After You're Gone") / (performer: "After You're Gone", "Samba of Love") / (writer: "Into the Oh", "What Do You Know", "Island Wind", "Samba of Love")

The Other Woman (arranger: "After You're Gone", "No One To Love") / (performer: "Sturm Von Kunststuffe", "After You're Gone", "No One To Love") / (writer: "Sturm Von Kunststuffe")

Madea Goes To Jail (arranger: "Bridal March") / (performer: "Bridal March") / (writer: "Anger Management?")

I Love You Phillip Morris (arranger: "Hallelujah, We Shall Rise") / (producer: "Hallelujah, We Shall Rise")

An American Girl: Chrissa Stands String (Video) (performer: "Allegro") / (writer: "Allegro")

Extreme Movie (performer: "Silent Abe", "Swinging in Step") / (writer: "Silent Abe", "Swinging in Step")

Little Britian USA (TV Series) (arranger - 2 episodes, 2008) (writer - 1 episode, 2008) (performer - 1 episode, 2008) 

    - Episode #1.4 (2008) ... (arranger: "Prelude from Cello Suite#1")

    - Episode #1.3 (2008) ... (writer: "Allegro #1", "Over The Top")

    - Episode #1.1 (2008) ... (arranger/performer: "Sonata #2, Mvt 2")

The Coverup (arranger: "O' Holy Night")

Childless (performer: "Falling Down", "At The Edge") / (writer: "Falling Down", "At The Edge")

The Family That Preys (arranger: "Closer Walk With Thee (Traditional)", "Down By The Riverside") / (writer: "Funk It Up", "Petite Quartet")

College (arranger: "Queen of the Night") / (performer: "Queen of the Night") / (writer: "Low Steppin'")

Meet the Browns (writer: "This Is Your Grandaddy", "For the Bereaved", "Hi Steppin'", "In the House", "Take It Down Johnny", "Victory Shot")

Why Did I Get Married? (writer: "Color Me Blue", "Samba of Love", "Dan and Melinda", "No One Remains at Home")

Daddy’s Little Girls (performer: "Aquarium Walk") / (writer: "Aquarium Walk")


Orchestrations/Score Preparation/Conductor/Contractor

Loving (conductor / orchestrator)

Our Brand is Crisis (conductor / orchestrator)

Midnight Special (conductor / orchestrator)

Get Hard (music consultant)

Una Vida: A Fable of Music and the Mind (executive producer: music)

Grudge Match (music consultant)

Tyler Perry’s A Madea’s Christmas (conductor)

Second Sight (music contractor)

Odd Thomas (music contractor)

Pan Am (conductor / music contractor)

Bullet to the Head (music consultant: New Orleans music)

The Campaign (music consultant)

The Lucky One (music consultant)

Memphis Beat (TV Series) (music contractor - 15 episodes)

The Switch (music contractor)

Green Lantern (music contractor)

Fort McCoy (composer: additional period music)

Hometown Glory (Documentary) (conductor: Louisiana Orchestra)

Extract (conductor / orchestra contractor / orchestrator)

The Open Road (music contractor)

Jonah Hex (music contractor)

Daddy’s little Girls (music arranger/conductor)

Madea’s Family Reunion (orchestra contractor)

Animal (Video) (composer: additional music)

Original Sin (music copyist / orchestrator)

The Caveman’s Valentine (music copyist / orchestrator)

Bamboozled (music preparation: London Orchestra)

Love and Basketball (music preparation)

Summer of Sam (music preparation)

A Saintly Switch (TV Movie) (music preparation)

The Tempest (TV Movie) (music preparation)

Rough Romance (orchestrator / sound mixer)

Recordings (Composer/Producer/Arranger/Orchestrator)

Cut  Off Soundtrack (composer/producer)

Camp Cool Kids Soundtrack  (composer/producer)  

Everything That Ends, Begins Again (producer/arranger) -  Paul Sanchez                                    

History Chef  (producer / arranger / composer) - Cutting Edge

For Colored Girls (soundtrack composer) - Atlantic Records

Daddy’s Little Girls (arranger / orchestrator)  - Lionsgate

Mopping Up Karma (strings) - Judith Owen  /  Courgette Records

Rising Above It All (strings) - Chris Thomas King  /  21st Century Blues

Out of Time (orch)  - REM  / Warner Brothers

Stay Awake (arr/orch)  - Various Artists  / A&M Records

Lost in the Stars (arr./orch.) - Various Artists  / A&M Records

The Mass of Pope John Paul II  (composer) - Orch/Choir  /  MCG Jazz

The River May Cry (composer) - Orch/Choir  /  FCM

Dancing on Glass  (composer) - Orchestra  /  Turnipseed Music

The Music of Jay Weigel  (composer)  - Fort Worth Symphony  / Albany Records     

© Jay Weigel 2015